Chillul Hashem: Reform and Conservative Hold First Official Prayer at Egalitarian Section of Kosel, With Laining and Shehecheyanu (Video)

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A chillul Hashem of significant proportions took place this morning at the Ezras Yisroel “egalitarian prayer section” at the southern Kosel plaza, as members of the Reform and Conservative movements, joined by the rabble-rousing Women of the Wall group, gathered for their first official prayer service, even reciting the brachah of Shehecheyahu to celebrate the gains they have made as they seek to wreak havoc on the state of Yiddishkeit in Eretz Yisroel.

The “minyan” featured a mixed gathering of men and women, who sang together and read from the Torah. The kriah of this week’s parsha, Ki Sisa, was “lained.”

These misguided Jews thus defiled the most holy of Jewish places in the world.

The crowd included reform and Conservative “rabbis” from all over Israel and as far as North America.

In a public statement, the leader of the Reform movement in Israel, Rabbi Gilad Kariv, remarked, “The prayers of hundreds of male and female rabbis at the Kosel are the ultimate answers to the incitement of the ultra-Orthodox leadership. They keep inciting and we will continue to create a pluralistic and tolerant reality in Israel.”

Last month, the Israeli cabinet approved the establishment of the egalitarian prayer area at the southern end of the Kosel as being an official space for non-Orthodox prayers.

The controversial egalitarian area is run by a committee led by the chairman of the Jewish Agency.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Jut to the Simple.

    The war of the Reform is not just toeivah, it is also to be the refugee of the poor mind.

    Still, their “lai lai lai lai” of their song is their “laugh laugh laugh laugh” of just being stalled in even thinking that they can find Torah.

    These are egalitarian wannabees of an egalitarian fraud. Egalitarian prayer is human values being discussed with Torah only to make sure that real world activities are not pace and limit on poor authority.

    Thus, we see conscription for the mood of a refugee culture that does not want to even get off the boat of change.

    Scary, but I think that if G-d is a real power (clearly this is not a dispute) we will not worry but do our jobs to discuss the reform and conservative negative phenomenon. The world changes.

    Gates of “Prayer” is just a poor taste of what a jew can be if he just sits down and thinks G-d did not care. That is very much not the reality. (their ‘siddur’).


  2. If these people were in Germany during the Shoah Hitler Yemachshmom wouldn’t make a difference – and you know what would happen –
    I don’t agree with these people, nor do I condone it – and I do have to look or participate – why are you – you are giving these people credibility.
    And I ask you one question – what would happen if one of those people donated money to a frum organization – do you not take their money.
    would you say the same of a person who does not eat challav yisroel ???

    • “And I ask you one question – what would happen if one of those people donated money to a frum organization – do you not take their money.”

      If they would flaunt their participation,they would bl”n given their money right back!

      “would you say the same of a person who does not eat challav yisroel ??”

      Are you just a troll?!

  3. Why was this posted?
    I think the Chilul Ha’Shem is magnified by posting and spreading this information especially with a video.
    The Reform could not be more happy by knowing that their getting free publicity.

  4. Calm down! In a few weeks the new area will be empty and rarely used (if ever). The WOW attention seekers will stop coming once they are relegated to this new quiet area where they don’t have the chance to disturb the orthodox.

    The challenge to us is to hold back from paying them any notice. No screaming, throwing water, or even looking askance. Like rotten teeth, simply ignore them and they will fall out and disappear!

  5. Yankel,
    We can’t bury our heads in the sand and make believe that Reform and Open Orthodox doesnt exist. These groups are unfortunately making many problems for main stream Orthodoxy and we should know it, realize it and do whatever we can to stop them.
    May we merit to see the ultimate Kiddush Hashem soon.

  6. Whether they are right or wrong, we learn from Jewish history that Hashem is with us when we are with each other. We don’t have to agree with each other, but we have to defend each other. Children argue, but Hashen gains nachas when we stand up for each other.

  7. It wasn’t “hundreds of people” and it’s practically all ignorant Americans with some leftist anti-israel,anti-religious WOW’s thrown in.The government certainly doesn’t need to waste millions of shekels to build a bigger space for a very few misguided people.


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