Chillul Shabbos On the Increase in Yerushalayim

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Chillul Shabbos is increasing in Yerushalayim, with seventy restaurants and bars opening on the holy day.

Two secular groups, the Ru’ach Chadasha organization and the Hitorerut municipal party, attempted to organize an “Open on Shabbos event” on a recent Shabbos in the Alliance House near Machaneh Yehuda to emphasize the secularizing of the city. Despite their insistence that the event would not involve chillul Shabbos, it was canceled at the last minute after an outburst of indignation from chareidi circles.

Hundreds responded to a call of the Eidah Hachareidis to protest on Shabbos night in the downtown area where many of offending businesses operate.

{ Israel}


  1. Know winder…really?
    No wonder
    Accur? Nice…school ? Which?
    Close” yoiur “gesheeft/business
    Livies?what’s that..oh lives!

  2. No Shabbos
    No peace.
    Where are the one third chareidim in jerusalems population?
    Why don’t hundreds of thousands come out to protest?
    Why only 20 protesters come out each week to protest rechov neveim street open on Shabbos.
    Maybe that’s what the UN and worlds message to israel is.
    If you don’t keep Jerusalem holy and free of toeiva parades,give it to the Arabs.

  3. Your headline is off.
    The article has nothing to do with “Chillul Shabbos On the Increase in Yerushalayim”. The people involved were always mechalel shabbos.
    “Public Chillul Shabbos On the Increase in Yerushalayim” wouldn’t be right either. The people involved were always mechalel shabbos publicly.
    An accurate headline would be “Chareidim Losing Political Power Struggle Over Shabbos”.
    But for people who really care about Shabbos, there are ways that actually win over people’s hearts. Forcing them to keep shabbos is not one of them.


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