CHILLUL SHABBOS! Tel Aviv Suburb Approves Public Transit During Shabbos

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The Israeli city of Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv, has approved a pilot program that will see limited public transportation operate on Shabbbos.

Beginning July 19, commuters will be able to take two bus lines across the city to popular leisure and entertainment sites, including the beach, after a bill approving the initiative was passed by Ramat Gan’s city council in a 15-6 vote.

The move has been met with harsh criticism and the staunch opposition of charedi Jews.

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  1. Would you prefer that they drive individually?

    Do you expect some Tinok S’nisbah who can’t go to the beach on Shabbos because of Charedim to (1)not be mechallel Shabbos in even worse ways like playing with electronic devices (2)not to hate Charedim and possibly even religion?

    • THE LAW OF THE LAND WHICH IS THE TORAH LAW MUST BE ADHERED TO BY THE GOVT. It’s not pikuach nefesh that the govt is mechuyev to be mechallel Shabbos for them. What right does this govt have to force Arabs and the rest of the world to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, if they don’t???

    • Do you not realize that it’s very different when individuals do things on their own accord vs when a city publicly pushes towards chillul Shabbos. Once it is approved legally it’s just the beginning of a huge downfall. We have an obligation to protest.

      • We have an obligation to show and teach them about Simchas Shabbos and everything else that Yiddishkeit has to offer,


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