Chillul Shabbos Will Continue This Week at Israel Rail Line

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Israel Railways will perform infrastructure work this weekend, including on Shabbos Kodesh, at the Tel-Aviv-Yerushalayim rail link and maintenance work on another line, amidst the national tumult sparked by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz’s decision to have such work violate the Shabbos, with chareidi parties being up in arms over it.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was asked by Shas and UTJ to take action, and he did, but this week, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that his order to stop the work on Shabbos was unconstitutional. Netanyahu was told by the court to stay out of any such decisions in the future.


Israel Railways employees who do not want to work on Shabbos will be allowed to take the day off, but the work will continue.

The governing coalition is in a precarious state right now, as a political crisis could ensue as a result of this matter.

David Steger – Israel 


  1. Negative fate considered. This is a chillul shabbas and in Israel, one thinks that anyone would see why Saturday is not the day to build the rail.

  2. a number of years ago i remember working for a secular jewish boss in a business that was traditionally closed every saturday-sunday. since he felt he was losing business by closing on shabbos, he decided to have saturday hours. the 1st week of this “open on saturday” policy the boss came in monday morning all proud of himself that they had over $5000 in sales from those 5 hours on shabbos. only a few days later the phones were “down” all day and the business lost over $40,000 in busliness. but, of course, my boss did not, even for a second, link the two together. proven and tested: there is no siman brocho in money earned on shabbos.


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