WHAT A JOKE: China Warns Citizens Against Travel to the U.S.

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China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a travel advisory, warning citizens against traveling to the U.S., effective until December 31, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.

“Noting the frequent occurrence of shootings, robberies and theft in the United States recently, the ministry warned Chinese tourists to fully assess the risks of traveling there,” the news agency said.

China issued a similar travel advisory last year, but the latest one comes amid heightened trade tensions that show no sign of abating. In a separate advisory Tuesday, China warned Chinese firms operating in the U.S. they could face harassment from American law enforcement agencies, Reuters reports.

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    • Surely not a joke. Just because Fake News don’t report the shootings and deaths, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Why didn’t they report yesterday’s shooting in Chicago with 10 dead? This is just 1 example.


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