China Warns U.S. Navy: Out of Our Sea

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us navy shipChina warned off a U.S. Navy ship that came near its manmade islands in the contested South China Sea Tuesday.

The vessel “illegally entered into the waters of China’s Spratly Islands,” China said.

The U.S. doesn’t recognize the Chinese artificial islands, which were built on previously submerged reefs, as territory. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Obama making sure China will be on the side of Iran when they attack us. Obama has emasculated the us army, estranged our friends and antagonized our enemies. The result will be seen all too soon.

  2. Cohen #2 is right. China is America’s #1 rival, contra to Mitt Romney in the last election and all the rabis anti-Iran propagandists of the past year. Russia’s economy is dead in the water and Iran has nothing to offer except oil. China is a totalitarian police state with a powerful economy and a growing military. Obama is 100% correct to focus the United States away from the Middle East where the threats are weak and to concentrate on China.

  3. Mr. Hall, is there anything Obama can do wrong in your eyes?

    I do not dispute that China is an issue. But to say that the threats coming out of the Middle East are weak is a statement out of La-La Land. Just for starters, Iran is perfecting – at great speed and with nothing to deter it – intercontinental ballistic missiles. Seeing as he doesn’t need them in order to destroy the Zionist entity, who might they be intended for? Perhaps the Great Satan, as they are unnecessary for the little one?

    Besides, if Obama has such an issue with the Chinese, why a state dinner in the premier of China’s honor?


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