Chinese Doctor Builds New Nose On Man’s Forehead

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nose-foreheadA surgeon in China says he has constructed an extra nose out of a man’s rib cartilage and implanted it under the skin of his forehead to prepare for a transplant in probably the first operation of its kind.

Surgeon Guo Zhihui at Fujian Medical University Union Hospital in China’s southeastern province of Fujian spent nine months cultivating the graft for a 22-year-old man whose nose was damaged. Read more here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. NO fence, YES A FENCE.

    This is completely Photoshop

    I see that the photo is not taken on an angle meaning it is easier to create a fake nose using PS.

    If they would have taken a photo of the guy on a bed, etc with all the surgeons around and the guy looks real than I will still think of saying its true.

    Look at the guy, he is not smiling, crying this photo was taken randomly and then a guy came and created a nose there.

    trust me its very easy to blend 2 pics together!

  2. it looks like a real picture to me just that I don’t understand why the nose is upside down it should be facing down what if its raining or snowing the guy is going to get all choked up


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