Chinese Spy Balloon Was Fitted With American Gear: WSJ

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A Chinese spy balloon that flew over the U.S. earlier this year before being shot down by the military was fitted out with American gear that helped it gather photos and videos, The Wall Street Journal reports. Unnamed U.S. officials told the Journal the balloon apparently did not transmit the information it collected, however.

Analysis of the balloon conducted as part of an investigation found it relied on American-made equipment that is commercially available, while also relying on high-tech Chinese equipment. The findings appear to contradict Beijing’s claim that the balloon was simply intended for weather monitoring. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.


  1. Upon learning that a Chinese spy balloon that flew over the U.S. earlier this year was fitted out with American surveillance gear, President Biden reassured reporters on Thursday that he will sue the Chinese government for trademark infringement.
    “The inscription on the spy balloon stated in bold letters ‘Made in China’ “, Mr. Biden said, “but many of the components of the balloon were made in the US. This is a clearly trademark infringement! It’s a criminal offense, and a very serious matter, and we’re going to sue President Xi Jinping for evey penny, or every Chinese yuan that he’s got!”

    • Just to clarify: I’m not sure if branding someone else’s product with your company name is trademark infringement. I think it is. I saw on one website that “taking another’s branded product, removing that branding and replacing it with your own is a form of trademark infringement known as “Reverse Passing Off.”


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