Chodosh Development for Next Season

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Rabbi Yoseph Herman, producer of The Chodosh Guide who is greatly credited for the widespread adherence to yoshon today, shared with an important development that could significantly impact the coming chodosh season.

This week, Rabbi Herman received the weekly crop report from the US Department of Agriculture. An interesting halachic situation seems to be in the making for oats this coming season, because as of two weeks ago (April 10), only 38% of the new oats had been planted. As of the end of the past week (April 17), 56% were planted. This presents a halachic dispute.

“To be yoshon, the crop must have taken root before the second day of Pesach,” Rabbi Herman explained to us. “According to one opinion, this means that it should be in the ground at least three days before this date. According to this approach, oats will be majority yoshon next season. However, according to the other opinion, to be yoshon, the crop must be in the ground at least two weeks before the second day of Pesach. Since two weeks before only 38% of the oats were planted, most of the crop would be chodosh. The next relevant weekly crop report is due on Monday Chol Hamoed Pesach. After Pesach, this halachic issue will need to be addressed by poskim.”

Rabbi Herman added that the planting of the other two crops, spring wheat and barley, is lagging behind. It so far seems unlikely that these will be mostly planted even only three days before the deadline.

Further updates on this important topic will be issued after Yom Tov.

Andy Newscenter


  1. F.Y.I. Any given year-in the U.S.A.-between 75% and 80% of the hard wheat[used in bread]is winter wheat.
    that means it is planted in the fall,begins to root,and then lies dormant in the ground till the spring and continues to grow.The advantage of this is,that the wheat can be harvested earlier in the summer.The northern U.S.A. and
    Canada are to cold in the winter,and the dormant roots would freeze.Thus,any given year -and specially in a leap year rov of the grain-south of the northern states-is yoshon.This is a fact! and can be verified with the U.S.D.A.
    Chag KosherV’sameach.


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