Choking Infant Survives Thanks To Fast Acting First Responder


An infant choked on Wednesday evening in Bat Ayin and survived thanks to a fast acting first responder.

The incident took place in Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion when a one-year-old boy choked while eating dinner.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Boaz Rosenblum who was at his home nearby when the incident occurred rushed over and saved the child’s life before the ambulance was able to arrive.

Boaz relayed: “I live right nearby I dropped what I was doing and rushed over. When I arrived, family members told me that the child choked while eating. I performed CPR on the child and miraculously, I was able to extricate a piece of potato that was completely blocking the child’s windpipe. The boy began breathing once the food was extricated. With the help of the ambulance team that arrived a few minutes later, I helped prep the child for transport to the hospital for further treatment and care. The boy was in stable condition when he was transported.”



  1. Sometimes protocol is to do CPR first. Depends on the situation. If a person is lying lifeless then you’re supposed to start with CPR.


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