Christian Conservative Leaders Stand By Trump

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Evangelical Christians weren’t pleased to hear Donald Trump’s remarks released in a video Friday, but several leaders say they will continue to support his candidacy.

“Evangelicals are simply not going to vote for Hillary Clinton,” said David Lane, a founder of the American Renewal movement, which is leading Christian voter mobilization efforts on behalf of Trump in a half-dozen states. Evangelical voters have become a pillar of GOP voter support in several battleground states, including Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Missouri and others.

“Donald Trump’s comments were stupid and they were awful. But they were from some years ago,” Lane said in an interview Saturday. “The question is where is he now. Donald Trump is moving. He was on national television, he apologized, he said he was wrong.”

Lane said he conferred today with pastors and national evangelical leaders around the country.

“These guys are behind him, as they were before,” he said. “They think the comments were awful but they happened years ago and they are interested in where he is now – and more important where the country is now. They talked about how much is at stake, starting with the Supreme Court.”

Separately, Gary Bauer, who now leads the Campaign for Working Families, said he would continue to back the New York businessman.

“The 10-year-old tape of a private conversation in which Donald Trump uses grossly inappropriate language does not change the reality of the choice facing this country,” Bauer said in a statement posted to his organization’s website. “Hillary Clinton is committed to enacting policies that will erode religious liberty, promote abortion, make our country less safe, and leave our borders unprotected. … Donald Trump will reverse these failed policies. I continue to support the Trump-Pence Ticket.”

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  1. What a joke. They had their chance to support true Conservatives like Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum but they chose to throw them under the bus. They went for the shiny lights instead. They tried to back in at the end with a lacklustered attempt to support a damaged Ted Cruz, just to save face. They are a bunch of frauds who should be ashamed of themselves. Trump does not represent anything remotely close to real true Conservative values. The choices for normal decent moral Americans is terrible. Once again we are disenfranchised. The system IS rigged.

  2. I’m not supporting Trump because he’s a bombastic egomaniac with a loose mouth not because he’s a minuval. Anyone who heard the name Donald Trump 10 years ago knows he’s a minuval I’m surprised it took so long for such a video to turn up. This video wouldn’t change my opinion of him. I have feeling Trump may be behind the releasing of the video. He wants to bring Bill Clinton’s problems into the debate, this is a perfect way to do it since he knows he’ll be questioned about the video.

  3. Donald Trump was speaking with Billy Bush made he made those boorish remarks. Billy Bush is a known boor. Trump will tell anybody what ever he thinks they want to hear. Hence, those boorish remarks. Thos eremarks cannot be interpreted as reflecting the man himself. What he really is like is almost impossible to discern, as noted, because he always says what he thinks the listener wants to hear.

    There is a third option. Vote for “None of the Above” by voting for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket.

  4. “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”


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