Christie Fires Back At De Blasio Over Syrian Refugee Crisis

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christie de blasioNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashed out Sunday after being criticized by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over the Syrian refugee crisis.

After Christie sent a letter to President Barack Obama last week saying his state will not accept any refugees from Syria over fears that it could open the door for terrorists to enter New Jersey, de Blasio called Christie’s comments an “embarrassment” and then at a news conference displayed a notorious photo of a rescuer holding the body of a young Syrian boy who drowned months ago off the Greek coast as his family fled for freedom.

“I’d like to know what Governor Christie says about this,” the mayor said. “This is the cost of not bringing in people who are innocent victims.”

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Christie fired back at the mayor.

“As murders rise 11 percent in New York City, as the commissioner of police in New York says that homelessness and vagrants on the streets continue to rise to new high levels, believe me, Mayor de Blasio should worry more about trying to get something done in the city of New York to make it safer than he should worry about criticizing anybody else,” the Republican presidential candidate said. “And quite frankly, given the way he’s talking and not worried about the security and the safety of the people in New York, maybe he should be mayor of Damascus.”

When pressed about why he opposes allowing even women and small children from Syria to be placed in New Jersey, Christie said: “The FBI director sat before Congress last week and said they cannot vet these folks. Secondly, we had a woman who was wearing an explosive vest in Paris who blew herself up when approached by police this week. I don’t understand the distinction, quite frankly, and what we need to do is protect the homeland first.”




  1. Why doesn’t the mayor open Gracie mansion to host some of the refugees. These are not ordinary refuges their a lot of terrorist that among them didn’t he see what happened in France and Mali they were Muslim terrorist. When my parents came from Europe they had to go thorough checks before green cards were issued and there no benefit card or section eight they worked hard

  2. Christie hurts his own argument by citing the Paris incidents. Most of the Paris terrorists were EU citizens who could have come to the US at any time under the Visa Waiver Program. Instead of supporting doing something about this massive breach in a dam, he is fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry about something that is at most a tiny leak and probably not even that.

  3. Christie doesn’t pay attention to the news, either. Paris police are now saying that the woman he refers to did NOT blow herself up, and that the explosion came from someone else who was present.

  4. Christie is also wrong on the homicide statistics. They are up 5.6% not 11% since last year. And shooting incidents are actually down 3.4%; overall major crime is down 2.9%.

  5. De Blasio may have the exact numbers wrong but the point is what counts. O’bomba is sticking his head in the sand. There’s a huge difference between Syrian kids and the Asians, & that’s the Syrians will stay segregated, magnify their madness, multiply like flies, live off the welfare system, and then, with impeccable American accents, proceed to clean America of the “infidels.” If a western country wants to allow muslim refugees into their countries, they must make many conditions & changes. They must do everything to keep them out of their self-imposed ghettos and to integrate into free, western society. No endless welfare. Force them to attend ESL, get job training, and hinge welfare payments on job seeking so they don’t stay poor – at hard-working citizens’ expense – and let them see the benefits of democracy. Good luck, O’bomba. Fellow citizens, he wants the praise for allowing them in, and will leave the common folk to deal with the fallout when he leaves office, wealthy enough to provide security for his darling family, but not anyone else’s…


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