Christie: “I Don’t Gotta Be Nice to You”

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christie3NJ Gov. Chris Christie says he’s not a nice guy. In an interview with Fox News taped just before one of his famous town hall meetings, Christie ramped up the tough-talking attitude that has won him national attention and fueled speculation about a political future outside the Garden state.

“I’m not one of those politicians who thinks that because I’m in public office I’ve got to be nice all the time. If you’re not nice to me, I don’t gotta be nice to you,” said in the interview, which aired this morning on “Fox and Friends” ahead of today’s state budget address.

Christie has used recent town hall meetings to drop hints about the budget proposals he’ll unveil later today, saying the budget would include tax cuts for businesses and potentially bringing back the taxpayer rebates he cut last year.

Christie has also revealed previously that he plans to revamp school aid and overhaul pension and health benefits for public workers.

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  1. Nothing like a headline quote out of context. “If you’re not nice to me, I don’t gotta to be nice to you” is categorically different than “I don’t gotta be nice to you.”

    L’Halacha, a misquote like this would be considered dishonest.

  2. #1: Matzav didn’t write the headline, Politico/Capital News (see link at end of story), which is the original source of the story. wrote it. And since Politico is strongly left leaning, OF COURSE they write the headline in a manner as unflattering as possible to Christie. Nu? What did you expect from the leftist press? Honest reporing?


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