Christie Lashes Out at Media: ‘Don’t Report That I Called The President When The President Called Me’

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chris-christie-gop-convention-matzavNew Jersey governor Chris Christie lashed out at the media during a news conference Friday afternoon over “careless reporting” in the aftermath of Sandy.

After being asked a question about a price gouging lawsuit concerning Bergen County, the governor began his answer by saying, “I want to be clear on this because you guys are starting to really misreport things. We were not part of the lawsuit.”

Christie then referenced an article that was posted by a business news institution earlier in the week claiming the governor called the President to congratulate him and only emailed Romney.
“Bloomberg had some incredibly careless reporting yesterday, saying that I called the president yesterday to congratulate him on his victory – absolutely careless, awful reporting,” said Christie. “Listen guys, people take the stuff you write seriously and I try to speak with real precision behind this microphone. So don’t report that I called the president when I didn’t; the president called me.”

Christie set the record straight saying President Obama calls him every day and at the start of the call in question he did congratulate him and moved on to discuss the situation at hand.


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  1. Evidently the Republican Party is still looking for someone else to blame for losing the election. Why don’t they just look in the mirror, face the truth, and get their act together? We really do need two functioning parties in this country.

    If they keep this sort of thing up, they’ll push us over the fiscal cliff and lose the next mid-terms in a landslide, too. Then we’ll have a one-party government, and that isn’t healthy, either. Most people in this country want the rich to pay more taxes. If the Tea Party tries to play chicken on this one, it will give even more people reason to doubt their sense of responsibility to the people who elected them. Those people will then elect someone else.

    Both parties should remember 2006. The middle third of voters is neither blue nor red – it’s purple, and they’ll swing on the issues. The issue these days is the economy.

  2. It is very interesting. After Christy praised Obama, he got gas coming to all the gas stations. Bloomberg & Cumo( whom one would truthfully classify as very arrogant persons) refused. So New Yorkers are suffering the “gas shortage”

  3. #3 – the stations had gas. They didn’t have electricity to run the pumps. Seems those utility companies in NY are having trouble getting the power back. I heard it has something to do with transformers being flooded. As you may know (anyway, I hope you do) electricity and water don’t mix. Seawater is very corrosive, and if it floods equipment, too bad for the equipment. Maybe you could donate some generators to NY gas stations.


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