Christie: NJ Governor Race is About Turnout

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christieNJ Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie says his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine will come down to turnout. Christie dropped by a get-out-the-vote rally last night in Republican-heavy Toms River.

A crowd of some 400 chanted his name and cheered when he promised to give Corzine a pink slip tomorrow.

Polls show the two running even, with Independent Chris Daggett a distant third.

Corzine yesterday held two rallies with President Barack Obama.

Christie was continuing to tour the state by bus. In the last days of a bitter race with merciless ads and deep divisions over tax policy, both candidates are more focused on getting their supporters to the polls than on converting voters.

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  1. RE: Lakewood voters;
    There was a RAINBOW Shabbos morning in lakewood.
    It’s ???? to vote this year in Lakewood for local or state candidates.
    Anyone concerned about the ????? or their high taxes in Lakewood should stay away from the voting booth and DON”T VOTE.
    Besides the tremendous ????? ????

    There are also signs & petitions signed by hundreds at BMG Lakewood..STAY AWAY FROM VOTING IN LAKEWOOD THIS YEAR

  2. Although I know that the Vaad endorsed Corzine, however many Rabbanim argue on their decision that was made in my opinion after believing that Corzine will win. Vote Christie for your own benefit. Lower Taxes, Yes to Vouchers and Lower Tuition, and No to Obama and his best friend!


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