Christie Remains Silent After Trump Chooses Pence As Running Mate

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has remained silent since Republican nominee Donald Trump chose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, North reports.

Trump’s decision has reportedly been a bitter disappointment for Christie, who had been one of the front-runners for the post since becoming the first major establishment Republican to endorse the real estate mogul in February.

It was also the second straight presidential campaign that a Republican nominee bypassed Christie after Mitt Romney chose Rep. Paul Ryan instead even though the governor’s popularity had not yet been rocked by fallout from the Bridegate scandal.

Ed Rollins, a longtime Republican strategist, told The New York Times that Christie “was such a lapdog and tried so hard, he ended up not just losing badly in the presidential stakes, I think he just looks much weaker than he was before by his rabid pursuit of Trump.” Read more at NEWSMAX.



  1. Victory for moxie. Christie gives us reason to wonder if he had chutzpah. Mistake to think he can endorse Trump. Politics are bad bedfellows but playing footsie with your political opponent to get his nod sometimes has bad toes.

    History is kingly to the third degree.


  2. My, how the mighty have fallen. This is a important lesson. Chaniffa will NEVER get you anywhere In life. If only Matzav learnt that lesson!

  3. Christie will get a very serious post in Trump administration. Christie will do all he can for Trump. He will be the attorney general of the USA. That’s a pretty good gig. The media loves knocking anything on the TRUMP train.


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