Chummus Shortage Probable in Israel

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sabra-hummus-chummusIs Israel’s national food about to become very expensive? Hummus manufacturers are warning that a legume shortage is leading to a shortage in hummus, which will likely lead to a price hike.

The crisis reached the legume sector because of the drought, fires caused by dry heat waves and weather damage in Israel and around the world.

One of the hummus manufacturers, Moshe Kauftell, CEO and joint owner of Miki Delicatessen, said that a severe shortage in salad products is expected in the immediate future and there will be no alternative but to implement an immediate and considerable price hike on all products which are based on vegetables and legumes, like hummus and other vegetable based salads.

If the legume and vegetable crisis were to continue, it could even lead to production line closures and major salad shortages on store shelves said Kauftell. Kauftell claims that the finance and agriculture ministries are doing nothing to stem the crisis, and are refusing to decrease the taxes on imported vegetables in light of the industry’s condition:

“It is true that the import taxes on legumes and vegetables were meant to protect local farmers, but in light of the local farmers’ inability to supply the food industry with the necessary produce, we are prevented from producing enough to satisfy market demands.

“The Agriculture ministry should take the industry and particularly, the consumer into consideration and decrease taxes on imports, so that the consumer won’t be forced to pay higher prices because of the taxes.”

The Agriculture Ministry noted that: “The claim is unwarranted, the taxes on hummus are very low, NIS 1.10 ($0.21) per kilogram. Getting rid of the tax entirely isn’t logical. Hummus paste manufacturers use a very low percentage of hummus, so that the taxes are not hindering the industry.”

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. As a hummus consumer, I declare that THIS is a TRUE crisis! Maybe they can deal with this at the upcoming Agudah Convention…

  2. Why is the picture with the article showing teh chumus with roaster red peppers? most people I know prefer the classic chummus or Chumus solo (chic peas)

  3. This is terrible, it’s a national catastrophe, it undermines the essence of the existence of Israel as a member of good standing in the middle east!

    I’m sure that this is a trick from Iran to deflect from focusing on the nuclear threat and instead focus on this existential threat to Israel.

    What Dopey iranians, didn’t they realize that this is a greater threat to Israel than the atom bomb? Idiots, now Israel will fix this problem in the hothouses in Gaza, and get a new lease on life to be able to stand up against the nuclear threat from Iran.

    If Iran would have brains, they would keep this a secret and let Israel loose its legitimacy on its own, and who would need a nuclear war anymore?

    But thats the problem with the Muslims, they have no brains. Oops, will I lose my job cause I made a bigoted remark? Please don’t tell NPR.


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