CHURBAN: New Jersey Becomes Second State In Nation To Require That Schools Teach LGBT History

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New Jersey has become the second state in the nation after California to adopt a law that requires schools to teach about LGBT history in a move hailed by civil rights groups as a step toward inclusion and fairness, but actually goes against the Torah and brings immorality into the state’s public school classrooms. reports that Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat who promised during his campaign to promote equality for those living immoral lifestyles, signed the bill.

Under the measure, public schools must include lessons about the political, economic and “social contributions” of individuals who live immoral lifestyles, starting in the 2020-21 school year. The bill also requires teaching about contributions of people who are disabled.

The law does not apply to private schools, reports.

At least not yet.

The New Jersey law was modeled after one that took effect in California in 2012.

And on Feb. 1, reports, a law went into effect that lets transgender residents more easily change the gender on their birth certificates while also adding a third, gender-neutral option.



  1. I love it. Democracy at work. The Lakewood Vaad endorsed this Governor and now he is carrying out his mandate. Finally a politician who is keeping his word. This is a great day. Enjoy!

    • Less than two months ago, this very website – Matzav – featured a story accompanied by many pictures of a Chanukkah Party [sic] in Trenton sponsored by Governor Phil Murphy. Many of the pictures are filled with smiling faces of Askanim and other “political heavyweights” from the Orthodox Jewish communities of Lakewood, Passaic, West Orange, and Bergen County.

      When asked why they support Murphy and his Democrats, the afore-mentioned Askanim answered “They are good for the community”.

      Translation: They are good for the Ye$hiva communitie$.


  2. What should the schools teach them? That these sick people should be put away in mentally retarded medical care centers or to jail? These are sick people who should not be roaming the streets. They’re worse than kleptomaniacs.

    • Sick. Perhaps you mean different. Different then you. So in actuality, just as you want others to accept you for who you are. Even though they feel your different. Maybe even to the extent of being sick, as you called it. So too you must accept others who you don’t understand and or accept.
      Case closed.

      • No, we do not have to accept them because they “feel different.” We have to oppose this because they act against the Torah. Look at what is happening in NY. We are being asked to accept killing newborns. (Not all of them–perhaps not any– can truly be called a rodeif of the mother’s health.) If the Torah calls this behavior an abomination, why should we allow it to be taught, why should we accept it, as a viable alternative lifestyle? Maybe someone cannot help feeling attracted to person of the same gender, but that doesn’t mean s/he has to act on those feelings. Maybe someone feels a tremendous attraction to bacon, that doesn’t mean they are allowed to eat it. That lifestyle is based on an aveirah. Teaching it gives it a veneer of respectability and puts it on the same level as heterosexual marriage. Actually, liberals are putting it on a higher level. Don’t be surprised if shortly down the line they outlaw “mixed” (male-female) marriage.

      • No way! If Hashem doesn’t accept them, neither will I nor should any Jew. And shame on any Jew that accepts them or gives them even 1% of credibility or 1% of love. They should be regarded worse than animals.

  3. And yet Frum Jews continue to vote Democrat.
    For the free cash from Trenton and Albany of course.
    It’s all about the free cash.
    As Lipa says in his song ‘Gelt’- “der vus hot der meah, hot der deah”
    You want their money, you follow their rules.s

  4. President Trump is planning on speaking in his State of the Union Address how to make America great again, what he has b”H already accomplished and what is still his aim to accomplish.
    One of the main topics will be bringing morality back to America, stopping lawlessness and crime, barring transgenders – and hopefully all these kookoorikoo lgbtqs – from serving in the army; draining the swamp (which he b”H already began with thousands arrested, although msm is keeping the public in the dark about it), which will include all those who are doing immoral activities with children they kidnap and then murdering them, as well as those who are behind abortion clinics, murdering babies and sell their body parts.

  5. This type of behavior is what caused the mabul and the destruction if the world Hashem yerachem.
    We must counter this and all the tumah that is being perpetrated with increased kedusha. Limud hatorah, chesed and every means of chizuk in our own levels of kedusha. This is obvious.
    We should merit the geula very soon

  6. We charedim should have and must protest! How is a question for the Rabbanim shlita. However if we are not guided than it behooves all of us to appeal to the Rabbanim to lead. At minimum we should be given an understanding of why said Rabbanim have chosen silence.

    The posek says Oror asher lo yokim and we are taught it refers to those who could have protested and didn’t!

    Let’s collectively appeal to the Rabbanim for guidance.

    Btzpiah lyehousha bkorov

    • Because our experts are busy with stupidity like the fake age-gap crisis, chalav yisroel, wearing a white shirt on Sunday’s, wearing a hat and jacket in the pouring rain, etc… Who cares about hashchasa? As long as MY kids get good shidduchim. That’s all that matters. The rest of the world can go to pot.

      • Yes, it most absolutely is a very, VERY sad reality that there are people who have such excessively callous attitudes!! These severely terrible attitudes ARE clearly totally against what our Torah Hakdosha teaches us: EVERY DAY, THREE TIMES A DAY, in the Tefila of “Alaynu” that concludes our prayer services, we beg Hashem to remove all the bad things from the whole world and to bring everyone, even all wicked people, back to serve Him. On the Yom Tov of Rosh Hashana, these requests to Hashem become even more intensive, as in every Amida on the Yom Tov we beg Him: “M’loch Al Kol HaOlam Kulo Bichvodecha . . . . ” (“Rule over the entire world completely in Your Glory . . . . ”)

      • As you put “etc. . . . ” at the end of your list of the many stupid insignificant things that people are very busy being all hyper-worked-up about (and thus have no time to be concerned about the massive growth of Toeiva, Rachmana Litzlan), you are clearly indicating that the list is really quite a lot longer, as there are many, many more items on it!!

      • (Continuation of my above remark)

        One of these “other” (insignificant items that people are wrapped up in) is that of Machlokesim within our communities, and this is not my observation. Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT’L, points out that the Yetzer Hara causes us to find faults in some Torah observant groups other than our own. We amplify those (supposed) faults so much that we view those other groups as being “bad people” and “the enemy” and even proclaim that their leaders are (current day) “Hitlers”!! As we are getting so super-wrapped up in this Sinas Chinam – this hatred for nothing though, we are obviously forgetting about and ignoring the truly severely terrible wicked people (like the promoters of Toeiva) — the REAL “Hitlers” — who are the real dangerous threats to us.

      • (Continuation of my above remark)

        One of these areas of unfortunate recent Machlokes in our communities has been that of the vehement condemnation of people who do not use vaccines. This condemnation has often been exceedingly sharp and severe, calling non-vaccine-users: “anti-vaxxers,” “not rational,” “deluded,” “selfish,” “irresponsible,” “reckless,” “threatening,” “reshaim,” “rodfim,” and “rotzchim.” They have often been barred from attending Shuls, barred from attending Simchos, barred from attending carnivals, and their children barred from attending school and even from playing in public playgrounds!

        I think that the very worst of it is in the article that was published just the day before yesterday at One of the comments there, by “Read facts,” is a brilliantly compiled — documented with many website links — long list of serious issues regarding vaccines. Two people appreciatively replied: “Well said, excellent links. Thank you!!!!” and “Thank You, I challenge someone to respond.” However, to this note, another person flatly replied: “I don’t respond to dogs barking.”

        So in this person’s mind, a large number of Bnei Torah Jews — very many of whom felt the ultimate of excruciating pain when their children, immediately after “their shots,” were unstoppably screaming blood curling screams and then were in violent convulsions and then were the dead silence of death — who thus wish to warn others of the frightening depth of evil in vaccinations, in this person’s mind, they are just a bunch of “dogs barking”!! Just a bunch of “dogs barking”!!!!!!!!!

        Obviously, with being so thickly wrapped up in such obsessive worry and absolute total disdain of those who dare to realize and proclaim what is the real truth of the “holy, holy vaccinations,” there is obviously no room and no time to ever be concerned about the escalating problems of Toeiva or abortion or any of the other Hashchasas and Hitlers that are truly threatening our communities and all of human society.

  7. My kids never went to public school. It also says very clearly the law does not apply to private schools.
    Let public schools committees debate on what and how to teach in public schools, I have enough on my plate already.

    • They always begin with an “exemption” for private schools. Then, they casually call for “equality” and remove the exemptions.

    • First of all it is not in our interest that every goy be taught that this is the correct and acceptable way to live. There is enough “hashchusa” on the street already. And how will you explain it to your children?
      Secondly, once it is accepted in the public school system, you will have the likes of Yafeed and Footsteps suing in court to have it also taught in the non-public schools.
      Will you just shrug it off then also?
      It is an “eis tzura” Hashem Yerachem.

      • Excellent observation!! Furthermore, it is not only non-Jews in the puplic schools who will, Chas V’Shalom, be badly affected; rather, the very large numbers of JEWISH students who are in the public schools will, Chas V’Shalom, be equally be affected!!

    • Dear 11:26, you don’t see a writing on the wall even when it’s starring you in the face. Once the next generation of public school students gets brainwashed, and lgbt-mishigas becomes completely mainstream, the liberal-fascists will not be content and will continue to push the envelope; they will try to force private schools too. We can still find political allies to fight the liberal-fascists now, and we can still beat them. If we do nothing and let liberal-fascists get stronger and brainwash the next generation, they will come after us with the full might of governmental enforcement mechanism. Think about consequences of voting DemocRat.

    • Rabbi Huna in the name of Rabbi Joseph [said]: “The generation of the flood was not obliterated from the world until they wrote marriage contracts for males and beasts.

      Bereishis Rabba 26:5.

  8. Aside from posting have you spoken to your Rov as “silent majority” recommended? Could you please share his response?

  9. I never vote Democrat. Yes LGBT are sick. If Hashem said it’s toevah then that’s what it is. You can’t contradict the truth of the Torah. If someone has an inclination to be “different”, it should be no different than fighting the yetzer horah from any other sin, and if he needs therapy to get over it he must do so.

    • Be careful with your criticism of Assemblyman Gary Schaer.

      He carries the Haskama of Passaic’s Daas Torah: Rabbis Hirth and Stern.

      • Be careful with your defense of Assemblyman Gary Schaer.

        He carries the weight of voting against the torah.

        IF he truly carries a haskama then the rabbanim should be told of this vote asap!

    • How about a law requiring public schools to teach about the contributions of thieves, swindlers, rapists, and gang members? ………………………Call it The United States Congress Today!

  10. Rome did not get destroyed. They destroyed themselves by being LGBT and not having children. Let’s hope America the medina of chesed lasts until mashiach comes.

  11. This is Anonymous 11:26
    Newsflash: most (not all) goyim throughout history – well before “pride” etc – have been interested in that sort of things, or illicit relations with someone else’s spouse, or both. Most goyim enjoy immorality of all sorts, and many (not all) also greatly enjoy theft. Most (not all) goyim also attribute little value to human life. We are different and detached from them, but we can not ignore they exist, and they run every country in the world until Moshiach.
    One of my children, who definitely did not go to public school, found out at a young age about Turing (the one who conceived modern computers, which we are using right now). Yes it is very difficult to explain, and it’s also very difficult to explain the tragic ending of his life. Also, in contrast to those who scream in the comments about locking’em up in mental facilities etc. I have no suggestion about what he should have done or his family should have done. I do not know either whether the attitude in the 50s was any better, when such “lifestyle” was no less prevalent (see Hollywood) but was less publicized.
    All I know is that it’s hard enough to raise my own children and provide for my own family. When I am done with it, and assuming there is no need for my strength and resources anywhere else, maybe I can study the problem of nonjews having forbidden attraction between themselves. Sorry, not earlier.

    • Anon 3:40 et al

      There’s a Medrash Parshas Re’eh which which states that they were decent individuals in the era of the Mabul they were wiped out and drowned together with the rest of the world. This was because they didn’t care about what the others where doing ‘they were minding their own business’
      Noah who did try to chastise the others – for that he was saved. Although not sufficiently and for that he is forever denegrated by Chazal.

  12. who is foolish now



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