CIA Spy: Iran Will Use Nukes Against Israel, West


iranIran’s leaders have declared that the Islamic messiah — or Mahdi — will soon return to stamp out unbelievers.  They claim that Israel will be wiped off the map and that America’s days are numbered. And according to one former regime insider — they truly believe it.

“This day for them, is the ultimate day in Islam. It’s the day of justice in their view,” Reza Kahlili said.

Kahlili once served in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps — the most powerful and influential arm of the Iranian regime.

He gave an inside perspective on the regime’s apocalyptic worldview in an exclusive interview with CBN News.

“One-third of the world population has to die due to nuclear wars,” he explained. “Another one-third due to hunger and chaos and havoc. And then imam Mahdi — the Shiites’ 12th imam — will reappear, kill the rest of the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all corners of the world.”

The Revolutionary Guards began shortly after the 1979 Iranian revolution to protect Iran’s new Islamic state.

Today, it is a fearsome military force with ground, air and naval capabilities. They answer only to Iran’s supreme leader and their activities range from domestic spying to international terrorism. They even run a multi-billion dollar business empire and have a hand in Iran’s economy.

CBN News asked Kahlili if the principles of jihad, martyrdom, sharia and killing Christians and Jews were drilled into the Guards on a regular basis.

“The sermons were every day. And the ideology of martyrdom, of ending up in heaven next to prophet Mohammed and imam Ali, was the main focus of the clerics,” he replied. “You have to die for the glorification of Allah.”

When the Iranian Revolution began, Kahlili saw an opportunity for democracy after years of internal repression under the shah. The Ayatollah Khomeini had promised freedom and openness.

“The deceit was so strong that Iranians in millions bought it, and so did I,” Kahlili said.

After joining the Revolutionary Guards, Kahlili soon discovered just how wrong he was.

“I saw a group of teenage girls tortured — taken to the courtyard and executed. I talked to my best friend, who told me that they raped his little sister in front of him just to bring pain to him and get him to name others,” he said.

Spying for the CIA

During a visit to the U.S., he contacted the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Soon, he was back in Iran — spying for America.

The details of his covert work against the Iranian regime can be found in his new book titled “A Time to Betray.”

In it, he reveals how Iran uses mosques in the U.S. and Europe to plot and finance terrorism.

“They are used as a recruitment center, for backdoor meetings, transfer of arms and cash, and putting together terrorist activities. And I was involved in some of their meetings,” Kahlili explained.

He played the double game for years, feeding inside information to the CIA.

At the same time, he became frustrated with America’s efforts to engage the Iranian regime in dialogue.

“The reason for the failure of every American administration is that they do not understand the ideology. It’s taken right out of the Koran. It says in the Koran to kill the non-believers until there are no more non-believers on earth,” he said.

That ideology drove the Revolutionary Guards to create the terror group Hezbollah in Lebanon — and engineer the 1983 U.S. Marine barracks bombing in Beirut.

Their new mission is helping Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Kahlili says they’re close to attaining their goal.

“Everything is in place. And the only part missing is for them to become a nuclear powered state. Then they are going to attack Israel. They are going to attack oil fields in the Persian Gulf and European capitals. Millions are going to die. There’s going to be a total breakdown in the global economy,” Kahlili described.

CBN News asked if the Iranian regime would use nuclear weapons against Israel and European capitals–not to mention the U.S.

“That is my belief and I have no doubt about it, that they’ll bring that about,” Kahlili responded. “They’re going to arm Hezbollah. They’re going to arm Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Syria.”

He says the only solution is for America to overthrow the regime.

“If the U.S. attacks, the regime cannot withstand it,” Kahlili said.

It’s just one of many revelations he hopes will reach America’s leadership – before it’s too late.

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  1. The US should switch their focus from Iraq to Iran. Iran is the root of terrorism in the Middle East. As someone who lived in Iran and knows the Iranian people, it would be easier to set up a democratic government then in Irag or Afganistan (which I also lived in). The Iranian people are not Moslems and value the western way of life more than the Moslem countries.
    Logistally the US now has the military opportunity to prevent the current Iranian Government from accomplishing their evil endeavors.
    Remember Germany, the longer the world waited the more difficult it became and more lives were lost. Just like the war with Germany and Japan was inevitable so too is the war with Iran. WHY WAIT FOR ANOTHER PEARL HARBOR G-d forbid.

  2. #4: That’s a new one. Now Obama is an Iranian agent even though he helped push through tougher sanctions against Iran. Right…
    Anyways, #2 is right but only if Iran is totally suicidal. And who knows? Maybe they are.

  3. First – If what the guy says is true – Then Iran does not understand the meaning of “mutual assured destruction”. In the best scenario, Iran gets to launch some amount of missiles and the receives, basically enough warheads in return to make it into a very large glass parking lot.

    Second – A historical perspective – Every empire that has turned against Israel has taken their place in history. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Persian, Greeks, Romans and on and on, have all waxed brightly and have fallen, never to shine again. Iran has it’s place in history too. May G-d have mercy on the innocent ones.

    Third – Our Part – If stories like this worry you, good. If we all do what we should do, G-d will do everything, “If only Israel would walk in My ways, in an instant I would subdue their enemies” Psalms 81

    If only He would just touch Iran for a moment and shake it to it’s foundation.


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