Cigarette Ads Aimed At Chareidi Sector

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Most cigarette ads of Philip Morris International (PMI) directed towards Israeli minorities were aimed at the chareidi public, a Hebrew University study claims.

Since IQOS (heated tobacco and electronic cigarette products) entered the Israeli market, PMI publicized 216 ads of the product for minority groups with 55% of the ads aimed at chareidim, 49% at Russian speakers, and 6% at Arabs. Between 2016 and 2020, of 561 ads for regular cigarettes, 87% were aimed at the chareidi public, 8.7% at Russian speakers, and 4.3% at Arabs.

One researcher noted that tobacco companies spend fortunes on ads directed at specific population groups and tend to focus on lower socio-economic groups.

PMI responded that while the “vision of the company was for ‘a future without smoking,’” it believed that “those who still smoke deserve less dangerous substitutes” and was investing vast sums in developing cigarette substitutes.

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