City Council Expected To Vote On Bills That Would Limit NYPD, Bloomy Promises Veto


nypdThe New York City Council was expected to vote at some point early Thursday morning on two bills affecting the NYPD.

One of the proposals would make it easier for those who feel they’ve been racially profiled to sue the NYPD. The other measure would establish an independent inspector general to oversee the department.

The City Council was expected to approve the bills, CBS 2 reported.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. How about taking away the cops’ illegal privileges: they should get speeding and parking tickets just like everyone else(except documented emergencies of course), assault of a cop should be treated just like an assault on a regular person, there should be a felony when any cop is caught selectively enforcing the law when it comes to another cop or a cop’s relative, cops on patrol should be forced to always wear cameras with sound recording and GPS devices – all without the off button, there should be an electronic device recording time and place of the police siren use – and comparing it to the emergency records.


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