City Of Brussels Refuses To Allow Couple To Name Child ‘Jerusalem’

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yerushalayimThe city of Brussels refused to register the name of a locally born Israeli baby because Jerusalem does not appear on a list of approved names for children born in the country.

Hagar and Alinadav Hyman, Israelis who have lived and worked in Brussels for the last three years, decided to name their first-born Alma Jerusalem.

Read more at Israel Hayom.

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  1. to #1, maybe it’s some kind of over-compensation!
    I.E. if they are extreme in one way, they pull all the way to the other extreme just to make things balance!

  2. To #1:
    That’s not nice. She was given that name by her parents. Children have no say in their name. If you don’t agree with it, don’t name your child Hagar. Don’t be a meddling in-law and tell someone else what name is appropriate or normal.

  3. This should be no surprise. Belgium has always had a list of approved names that both Christians and Jews have to contend with. They can still use it as her name when they name her in shul; it just can’t be her legal name.

  4. Isn’t it of gretaer concern that a city will have a list of “approved” names? How ridiculous is that? Come on, Brussels, get a life!


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