City of Montreal Trying to Close Munkatch Shul


munkatch-shul-montrealThe¬†City of Montreal¬†was in court this week to shut a 30-yearold shul in the central-Montreal borough of Outremont because it’s operating in a residential zone – a move that is fomenting divisions between Jews and non-Jews in the area.

Members of Khal Minchas Elazar Munkatch say they have never had problems with their neighbours until recently and wonder why the city is suddenly taking legal action to shut them down.

The first of three days of hearings in Quebec Superior Court got under way Monday.

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{Postmedia News/ Newscenter}


  1. The haters of the Chassidic community claim that its a residential area, what about the huge church 10 times bigger then the shul right across the street?

  2. Maybe this group is small enough for the French Canadians to pick on?
    Where are all the frum yidden who live in Montreal? No achdus in front of the scary and powerful French/Canadian parliament?


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