City Raked In Nearly $1 Billion In Fines Last Year


The city raked in close to $1 billion in fines last year — a record high, according to new data released Wednesday by the city Comptroller.

Total fines collected in fiscal year 2016 jumped to $993 million — a 3.7 percent spike compared to the $957 million the year before and the third record in a row.

“Fines are an important tool to discourage behavior that can be harmful to others,” said Comptoller Scott Stringer. “At the same time, with the cost of living rising and rents soaring, New Yorkers feel squeezed, and unnecessary fines or overly-aggressive enforcement don’t help.”

The city issues fines for a variety of offenses, from parking violations to building code and public safety infractions, with parking violations — which brought in $545 million — making up 55 percent of total revenue from fines. Read more at NY Post.



  1. It’s all about GOTCHA! It was never about safety. DeBlasio and his goons are all about ripping off the hardworking taxpayers. What a piece of garbage.


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