Clarke Clarifies the ‘Anti Vote’ in Meeting With Brooklyn Jewish Leaders

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malcolmNew York Democratic Congresswoman Yvette Clarke met rabbis and Jewish officials in Brooklyn assuring them of her “unwavering support for Israel.”

Rep. Clarke has recently been questioned by Jewish constituents in 11th Congressional District, after voting against the Goldstone Report Bill.

Her vote in the House, first reported on, was perceived by many as an anti-Israel move, influenced by leftist minority groups.

At Sunday’s round-table meeting at COJO of Flatbush, Clarke said: “In no way does this reflect any change in my position regarding Israel.”

The meeting was “an open and frank discussion of issues,” according to R’ Eli Slavin of Crown Heights, one of her aids who was joined by Mark Lee, her Legislative Aid in Washington, DC, and Deanna Beatteti, District Representative.

But one of the participants, Malcolm Hoenlein, Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Jewish Organizations, insisted on “explanations.”

The Caribbean American politician pointed out to participants, her record of support for Israel’s right to defend its citizen’s men, women and children.

She added that “the Goldstone report vote brought before the House of Representatives was flawed at the onset, as I saw it.”

Congresswoman Clarke declared that she “will continue to be a friend and advocate for Israel’s security.”

Leon Goldenberg chaired the meeting and was flanked by COJO colleagues Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus and Zindel Zalmenovitch .

Participants included Rabbi George Weinberger, Shmuel Lefkowitz and Chazkel Bennett of Agudas Yisroel, JCRC’s Michael Miller, Steve Mankoff of AIPAC and Yeruchim Silber of Metropolitan Jewish Center.

From Crown Heights attended: Chanina Sperlin and Eli Cohen of CH Jewish Community Council and Rabbi Shea Hecht of NCFJE.

Others were Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Landau of Khillas Dvortsky and Chaim Berlin’s Rabbi Meir Lasker.

Additional issues raised at the meeting were affordable housing, aid for social services and educational support for non-public Schools.

The attendees agreed that they see the member as a friend and supporter of the community’s needs and will work closely with the office of the congresswoman on domestic and international issues.

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  1. wow a real cross section of the community is represented here. The congresswoman must have really touched a raw nerve.
    The conference of Presidents, JCRC, Agudath Israel, Crown heights community council,NCFJE, Chaim Berlin, Flatbush COJO, APAC,etc…
    It is inspiring to see achdus in support of Eretz Yisroel. Lets build on it.

  2. Achdus will always produce great results. The congresswoman has a track record of support of Eretz Yisroel and Jewish issues. We need as a community to be united, be registered voters and voice our opinions. We need compliment when a job is well done and voice disapproval, when need be.


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