CLASSLESS: Nancy Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s Speech Script Behind Him


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tears up President Trump’s speech script behind him as he finishes State of the Union.



  1. Lemme get this straight. She is classless for tearing his speech but he ignores her handshake and it’s ok?? I’m a huge a trump fan and a huge anti Pelosi guy but you gotta be honest or you lose credibility

  2. How can you compare the two. This witch dragged Mr. Trump through the mud for three years and he should shake her hand. What did Trump do to her? This will hopefully be the end of her and her cfonies.

  3. @anon21
    I’m not a huge trump fan, but i approve the hand snub. She has been calling him a liar [which i believe he is] and a cheat [ditto] and anything else in the world, but i have to pretend to like you? gimme a break.
    Trump is moronic and infantile, yet i appreciate what he does stand for [the good parts, not the ugly]. However the democrats have always been calling him out [rightly] on his behavior. But suddenly, woops, there she goes in a moment of anger… yet she still claims to be above it. Thats whats ugly. IM[NS]HO


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