Clerk Must Issue Toeivah Marriage Licenses

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marriage licenseThe Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a Kentucky county clerk must issue marriage licenses to same-gender couples or face fines and possibly jail time. The high court rejected Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ request to refuse to issue same-gender marriage licenses based on her Christian conviction.

Davis had turned away couples in the days following the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized toeivah marriage. Two toeivah couples and two straight couples sued the clerk and a federal judge ordered Davis to begin issuing the licenses.

An appeals court upheld that decision and Davis’ lawyer filed a final appeal to the Supreme Court on Friday.

“She’ll report to work tomorrow, and face whatever she has to face,” said Mat Staver, founder of the law firm representing Davis. Read more at WKYT.

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  1. The Supreme Court is no longer supreme. It has become the Court of Political Correctness.
    These activist judges on the Supreme Court will lead the American People to Anarchy.

    I guess that is what Obama wants. He and George Sorosh are succeeding in destroying America.
    Boruch Dayan Emes.

  2. Why would Matzav even consider posting this as news…this has zero relevance to our oilam, not to mention that this took place in Kentucky…….!

  3. If Kim Davis can be THREATENED with prison incarceration, Rachmana Litzlan, then very unfortunately, our nation is no longer a democracy but has become an outright wicked tyranny!

  4. If Kim Davis can be THREATENED with prison incarceration, Lord Forbid, then very unfortunately, our nation is no longer a democracy but has become an outright wicked tyranny!

  5. Does Ms. Davis have the right to quit her job effective immediately? I believe the 13th Amendment says something regarding the abolition of involuntary servitude. It should mean that no one can be forced to work against their will and that they have the right to walk away from a job that they don’t like. It appears that the Supreme Court holds that the 14th Amendment is in actuality a repeal of the 13th amendment.

  6. This does has something to do with our community. The Torah forbids TOEIVAH for Jews and bnai Noach. By not granting the license, Mrs. Davis was upholding the Torah. Not only that, but toiva supporters want to go further and stop tax deductions for contributions to places that do not recognize their immorality. Jewish groups should throw their support to Mrs. Davis and fight against abomination.

  7. The Supreme is becoming tolerant of anything liberal and secular but equally intolerant of anything religious. That eventually means we will also be threatened with incarceration for similar beliefs.

  8. She should resign if she cannot obey the law. And if she does not resign or obey the law she should be removed from office by the courts.

  9. She has the right to resign from her job if for religious reasons she can not perform them. What would we say if a clerk did not sign a marriage licence if the couple is to have a jewish ceremony because her religion says that the jews are the sons of the devil, and to help them is wrong. Would we be quick to say she has a right to fer belief? The law do not say which religion is acceptable and which is not. If you do not like the ruling of the court too bad there is little you can do about it, it is the law.


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