Cleveland Girl Continues to Recover After Terror Attack


bombing-in-yerushalayimAs first reported here on, Leah Green of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, feels blessed that she is in a hospital after walking into the bomb blast that hit a Yerushalayim bus station yesterday. She suffered burns and shrapnel wounds.

The recent Mosdos Ohr HaTorah graduate, 19, was walking down the street when the bomb exploded and threw her into the air, her mother Wendy Green said. Her leg was on fire, and she put out the flames with her hands, said her mother.

“It was a kindness from HaShem that she wasn’t killed,” her mother related Leah telling her.

Wendy Green is not sure when her daughter will be released from the hospital or how bad the leg burn is because “burns are progressive.”If the burn is severe, Wendy Green said she would fly to Yerushalayim to be with her daughter.

All are asked to continue saying Tehillim for Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basya.



  1. Special family
    Her father is Big talmid chchom and top Plastic surgeon
    Mother runs the food division of the Bikur Cholim A family of Chessed

    Refuah Shlaimoh

  2. British lady who died has been named as Mary Jane Gardner.

    In her late 50s, she was studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


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