Clinton: ‘Leap of Faith’ to Have Female Prez’


hillary-clinton-glassesIn Toronto last week, Hillary Clinton not only sparked further speculation about her run at the presidency, but also encouraged listeners to elect more women in politics and for more women to get involved.

Electing a female president, for instance, would take a “leap of faith” from Americans, she said.

Clinton encouraged women to “dare to compete” and step up in the political word. Forbes notes the presence of women in the world in political power positions is reassuring for what could happen in the United States.

Currently in the U.S., women have the all-time highest representation in the Senate, as well as a female minority speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Read more FORBES.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. When all you talk about is whether the president is black, women, jewish, etcetera, there is no justification for you to run since you are not worried primarily if the president is just. This is just a farce. I hope that the DEMS actually have a dignified candidate in 2016 because I do not think I will vote for Hillary.


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