Clinton Ad: Only Hillary Can Stop ‘Dangerous’ Republicans

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HILLARY CLINTONA new Hillary Clinton presidential ad takes aim at her “dangerous” Republican rivals.

“Think about it. One of these Republicans could actually be president,” the ad’s narrator says as Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are shown talking about bombing American enemies.

“They’re backward, even dangerous,” the narrator adds, saying that Clinton is the only Democrat who “can stop them.”

The ad, titled “Incredible,” is set to air in New Hampshire and Iowa.

A Republican National Committee spokesman slammed Clinton for “doubling down” on “failure.”

“Under President Obama we’ve become less prosperous, less safe, and less free but incredibly Hillary Clinton wants to not only double down but expand on this legacy of failure,” spokesman Michael Short said in a statement.

Watch the ad below:


{ Newscenter}


  1. Its going to be pretty tough to run the Nation from behind bars. All the phone calls from there are monitored. Too busy making license plates.

  2. only REPUBLICANS can stop the danger America is facing with another DemocRAT in the White House.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Eight disastrous years for American Taxpayers is more than they can handle.


  3. The only thing that the repulicans are more dangerous for than the dems is ho Hillary’s chance to be president. It makes you kind of wonder why anyone would vote to have a president whose record is to be someone that CANNOT be trusted when it comes to security. In Benghazi four Americans were brutally murdered while she sat by, and IGNORED their call for help. How can anyone in their right mind agree to have this woman responsible for the security of the entire country?

  4. How laughable! It seems the most “dangerous” aspect she sees in these republicans is that they would bomb terrorists! Is that why we should vote for Hillary? Because she wont be a “danger” to ISIS?

  5. ” In Benghazi four Americans were brutally murdered while she sat by, and IGNORED their call for help.”

    The House Intelligence Committee — dominated by Republicans — found that this was NOT TiRUE.

    ” they would bomb terrorists”

    Obama has been bombing terrorists and some Republicans have been whining that he didn’t get congressional authorization, even though he asked for it almost a year ago and the Republicans have refused to allow a vote. Cruz is so irresponsible that he wants to bomb the civilians whom Islamic State is terrorizing and to restore Assad to power, and Trump wants the US out of the region. (Even Bernie Sanders won’t go there!) Clinton is far more sane and trustworthy than either of these dangerous nutcases.


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