Clinton Aide Advises Biden Not To Debate Trump

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Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, is publicly advising former Vice President Joe Biden not to debate President Donald Trump.

Lockhart published an op-ed last week at CNN warning Biden that he should not debate Trump because the latter is prone to statements that fail the fact-checking test.

However, Biden has been criticized in past debate performances for his misstatements and outright fabrications. In a debate with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in 2008, Biden made several false claims, including the odd claim that the United States and France had “kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon.” (Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terrorist group with an associated political wing, is still very much there, and is a major part of Lebanon’s government.)

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  1. DUH! The last thing the DemocRATS want to do is put Biden on display. I’m still sure that the Dems are going to pull a fast one before election day and get someone to replace Biden.

  2. the American people want a debate – they want to see how dementia works on a 77 year old guy – they want to see how he can’t complete a full sentence without forgetting what he said a minute before.

    • The American people want a debate,
      The American people also want tax returns from the top hierarchy
      BTW as mentioned above:
      Biden made several false claims, including the odd claim that the United States and France had “kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon.”
      I know someone else currently in the WH also making FALSE CLAIMS, & OTHER ODD CLAIMS
      nothing new here

  3. “warning Biden that he should not debate Trump because the latter is prone to statements that fail the fact-checking test.”

    Trump exaggerates, sometimes going a bit beyond the line, or taking info that is not verified and making much of it. That is true. But this is not an issue here. Biden is minced meat in a debate. He can barely complete a coherent sentence when reading from notes or a prompter. Add a smidgen of confrontation to that formula, and he will appear embarrassingly bungling. And then he says some things that his fans wish to hide because they are so ridiculous. No one rational would send such a person to the gallows. Trump could do fine with the 100% verified, fact-checked truth, and leave Biden looking like a complete idiot. having said that, I hope he does debate.

  4. The big loser in all of this is us, the American voters. Don’t we have a right to know where our candidates stand on an issue? No debates will be such a turnoff for us. We have a one party corrupt system in this Country, controlled by a handful of extremely wealthy white elitists. Why do we need government? Besides from stealing from us, what do these fiends do for us?!

  5. Joe, listen to him ! You suffer from chronic, “foot-in-the-mouth” syndrome. Stay put and stay quiet ! That’s your only chance!

  6. The democrats, leftists, liberals, and citizens with inability to critically assess / research the “proof and evidence” of the media statements – are all a danger to our Nation. The fear and danger is not only to frum Yidden, but also to all G-d fearing people, who still have a belief in a Creator knowing and seeing all. We have to pray that Trump also humbly turns to Hashem, and ask that he have true Divine assistance in bringing Goodness and Tikkun to our world. It is beyond Teva, that these crooked powerful leaders and/or illiterate people being used as pawns, get away with impunity. The Satan is now trying to get Trump’s financial statements, and has allowed the seemingly more powerful Evil ones to get away with murder, theft, falsehoods, manipulation of facts, and many more illegal activities surreptitionsly and blantantly committed. I hope that we all are ready for whatever results Hashem has in His mind, kaviyochul. Clearly, Israel and Jews are a major overt and hidden issue, in world news today. Biden has openly supported Muslims and domestic terrorists, despite failing to really investigate their true intentions, which does not include American philosophy as a Medina of Chessed. Fear and inaction are not effective responses. Let us vote Republican, despite knowing that the insidient anti-semitism is not going away. Our Jewish brothers and sisters who are not at all representative of Torah Yiddishkeit, have again placed us in jeopardy of losing our hard earned sense of being able to practice our Yiddishkeit in calm. If Trump wins, we would just be given more time to work on ourselves, so that collectively, we merit the speedy coming of Moshiach. Then again, maybe we will merit miracles, without the pain of past exiles. Olainu is a powerful and very relevan tefilla for today’s morally declining world.


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