Clinton Calls For 4 Percent ‘Surcharge’ Tax On Wealthy

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hillaryDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday called for an additional 4 percent tax on people making more than $5 million per year.

Clinton called the tax a “fair share surcharge” that would make sure wealthier taxpayers pay higher tax rates.

“This surcharge is a direct way to ensure that effective rates rise for taxpayers who are avoiding paying their fair share, and that the richest Americans pay an effective rate higher than middle-class families,” a Clinton campaign aide said.

The surcharge, which Clinton unveiled at an organizing event in Iowa Monday afternoon, would raise more than $150 billion over 10 years, the aide said, and is part of Clinton’s plan to build on the principle of the “Buffett Rule” to raise the effective tax rates of the rich.

The Buffett Rule, named after philanthropist billionaire Warren Buffett, would ensure that those making more than $1 million pay at least 30 percent of their incomes in taxes.

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  1. It should be even higher! Most wealthy people inherit or steal their wealth and don’t benefit the country with it in any way. It’s time for them to pay their fair share.

  2. OK so a New York State resident will now be paying around 56% income tax
    39.6 federal,
    3.8% Net investment Income “Obamacare Tax”
    8.82% State Income Tax
    4% Hillary tax
    That doesn’t include Payroll taxes, Property Taxes or school taxes. Is that their fair share?
    Would you take on the risk and extra work of investing if you know that even if you’re profitable (which you might not be) the government will take over 50%?
    Sorry folks, I’m not rich but I realize that the rich investing in our economy is what gives us all our jobs.


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