Clinton Camp Worries That Trump Will Get Easier Debate Questions

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is concerned heading into the presidential debates that she and Donald Trump could be asked different questions that reflect their differing levels of policy expertise, a senior Clinton aide said Wednesday.

“My biggest concern is . . . that people accommodate their questions and lower the bar of their questions to suit the candidate in front of them,” Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director, told reporters traveling on the candidate’s plane to a campaign event here. “That’s what’s happened with Trump in the past.”

Palmieri said the concern is “they ask Hillary Clinton a set of much harder questions and they ask him a set of easier questions because he has not put forward detailed material which you can . . . question him on. And so he ends up getting much one-dimensional, simple questions. . . . That is our concern.”

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and Trump, the Republican nominee, are scheduled to face off Monday at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., in the first of three scheduled debates.

“I think the moderators need to ask substantive questions, factual questions, and . . . keep them on an even playing field,” Palmieri said.

She also shared that one challenge of preparing for the debates is uncertainty about how aggressive or laid-back Trump might be.

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  1. With comments like this, we should be having the elections on Purim. Is there anybody who is willing to say, upon pain of perjury before HaShem, that the press is not biased in favor of Clinton?

  2. isn’t she gonna have something in her ear for someone to “coach” her?

    Clinton should first answer some “real” questions about BENGHAZI MURDERS OF FOR AMERICANS, about sending “CLASSIFIED” emails to whomever, about her “private arrangement” with the FBI, about Bill’s “private meeting” with the attorney general, about ILLEGAL donations to Clinton Foundation, “pay for favors” by Clinton Fdn., there are so many more questions and hypocrisies that were committed that the debate can go on all night.

  3. U mean to they might not act there usual biased selves ? What a hypocrite who gets a pass on all of her lies and crimes and worries that she might not b treated fairly

  4. Well for one thing some of the questions that ought to be asked of Hillary Clinton are not relevant questions to Donald Trump. For example; Mrs Clinton- why did you delete thousands of emails if you had nothing to hide? Or; Mrs. Clinton can you look in the face of the families that lost love ones in Bengazi and say unequivocally that you did your best to protect their loved ones. Or; Mrs Clinton -don’t you owe it to the American people to disclose the real state of your health? Not sure how these questions and many others would apply to Mr Trump so not sure what she’s kvetching about..

  5. she’s acting like a baby—your lollypop is bigger than my lollypop? the only way to claim that some questions are ‘easier’ than others is if they are too hard for her to answer

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