Clinton Meets With Rav Grossman

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clinton-rav-grossmanDuring former President Bill Clinton’s current visit to Israel, he met with Rav Yitzchok David Grossman, founder of Migdal Ohr. The two met at the Saban Forum at the David Citadel Hotel in Yerushalayim. Clinton met with Migdal Ohr students and promised to visit the orphanage.

Clinton is a member of an international organization which recently gave Rav Grossman a prize two weeks ago, which he won alongside Colin Powell, the former U.S. Secretary of State.  Rav Grossman received the award in light of his tremendous efforts on behalf of children and youth at risk.

It was not released what Rav Grossman and President Clinton spoke about, though speculation is that it was related to a possible run by Rav Grossman for Chief Rabbinate of Yerushalayim.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. Before anyone comments on this you must have met him personally. A cousin of mine is his son-in-law so I got the oppurtunity to meet him a few times. He is as they say in Hebrew “ISH MARSHIM” he leaves a big roshem on you. You see he is a Ish Elokim. Let me share with you a typical story about Rav Grossman.
    His family had a Shabbos Sheva Brochos in a hotel. Rav Grossman called the hotel and inquired if they have Netillas Yodaim set up in every room. They said no. Erev Shabbos a truck pulled up to the hotel with close to 500 sets of NEtilas Yodaim for every room in the hotel. Thats Rav Grossman!


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