Clinton Vows To Meet Netanyahu During First Month In Office

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netanyahu3Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said she would invite Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to Washington during her first month in office and dispatch US defense officials to Israel to learn from Israeli commanders what Israel needs to maintain its qualitative military edge over its enemies.

In a Wednesday op-ed in the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper in New York, she promised that as president she “will do everything I can to enhance our strategic partnership and strengthen America’s security commitment to Israel, ensuring that it always has the qualitative military edge to defend itself.

“That includes immediately dispatching a delegation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to meet with senior Israeli commanders. I would also invite the Israeli prime minister to the White House in my first month in office.”

Clinton noted the latest wave of terror attacks in Israel’s cities, saying “this violence must not be allowed to continue. It needs to stop immediately, and Israelis and Palestinians must move back toward the path of peaceful reconciliation. All parties and the international community should condemn any political and religious leader who stokes tensions with irresponsible rhetoric. Many of us have seen the video of a cleric encouraging worshipers to stab Jews as he waves a knife in the air. This incitement needs to end, period.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. She would invite/force Bibi to come so she could twist his hands and force Israel to make even more concessions to the Palestinian terrorists. Now, that would be exactly inline with the DEMOCRAT policy of its hatred toward Israel. Oh boy.

  2. The telling line, of course, is the “Israelis and Palestinians must move back toward the path of peaceful reconciliation.” It’s the same moral equivalency, just now she needs the votes. Sorry, Hillary, after 8 years of this you’re going to have to do better than that if you want to prove that you’re serious.


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