CLIP: Benny Gantz, Chairman Of The Blue White Party, Honored With Bracha Achrita At Sheva Brachos For Menachem Gesheid, Former Assistant To MK Litzman (via BELAAZ)

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  1. 1) is he not holding the Becher/glass in his hand? & if so why not?
    2) NOCH A MAZL there was a plate on his place ready to catch his teeth upon breaking them when making the Brachah

  2. anyone notice he started drinking the wine after the bracha hagefen????!!!
    Hope he left some for the chosson and kallah….
    and what about the mixing thing???

  3. Hope Menachem Gesheid had the sechel to have a yiras Shamayim repeat all brochos for chosson kallah – even in private; you don’t need a minyan for it.

  4. Is Sheva Brochos a joke that you give to secular Jews? Is this whom the young couple should revere and cherish?


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