CLIP: Group Of Foxes Seen Scurrying Through Har Habayis Area



  1. I would venture to say that this is similar to seeing a rainbow; It’s probably not a very good sign, and isn’t something to be publicized. Yes it’s true, Rabbi Akiva took this as a good simin, however, this is for someone who can see things on the level which he did. Just an option, for I don’t claim to have daas Torah.

    • If you’re the big tzaddik crying over churban BHmk daily with Tikun Chatzos and whatnot, your concern could be valid. However, if your day goes by without a shed of tear for the Shchinah Hakdoshah in Golus and the BHmk destroyed, your post shows your hypocrisy. What makes you say it’s not a good sign? Is it worse than Muslims or tuma people and animals going on the Har Habayis? Do these not bother you? Comparing it to a rainbow is like comparing chalk and cheese. Seeing foxes emerging from the Har Habayis is nothing like the rainbow which is a sign from Hashem that he promised that a mabul will never come again.

  2. 1) The second clip appears to be taken in/around the southern wall excavations, not the har ha’bayis.
    2) The “foxes” in the first clip look more like coyotes or very skinny wolves, but not foxes.
    3) Do we really need a 21st century replay of the scene Rebbe Akiva witnessed to know the geulah is around the corner?

  3. 1. Shualim may mean coyotes and not foxes.
    2. If the Talmud quotes the incident with Rebbi Akiva and his friends that, by definition, means that we should learn, absorb and internalize that message and it is not a isolated incident that occurred for Rebbi Akiva and his friends alone.
    3. There goes the ‘aschalta d’ge’oolah’ theory, unless you interpret Rebbi Akiva’s message as ‘aschalta d’ge’oolah’. But then there goes the Zioninstic version of ‘aschalta d’ge’oolah’.

    • (1)Very unlikely that mishley Shualim means moshilim about coyotes
      (2)There is plenty to learn from that Gemorah whether one sees foxes on the Har HaBayis or not
      (3)I’m clueless about what you are trying to say

  4. Oh please. How about not leaving garbage and strewn about food so animals such as the ones fighting in the video won’t hang out there?

  5. It’s worse seeing filthy islamonazis desecrating Har Habais every day, while supposedly frum people pretend that nothing is wrong with that.

  6. I once visited a tower in the Old City where you could see the karka of Har HaBayis. I saw a fox running on the actual Har HaBayis and I thought of this passuk


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