CLIP: Soldier Gets Kicked Off Train For Losing ID Card Despite Offers To Pay His Ticket

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On the Israel light rails today, a combat soldier whose ID card was stolen fought with the train officers to be allowed to continue the ride in order to be on time for his duties or face arrest.
Despite the soldier’s mother showing her ID card and civilian passengers offering to pay for the ticket, the officer was adamant and forced the young man off the train.


    • btw just for clarification their is no guarantee the guy not letting him on the train is Jewish he could be arab. so if this was a dig at chilonim their is no proof he is Jewish to begin with.

  1. He was a ‘shvache bochur’, so who cares.
    There are obviously no two sides to any story or opinion.
    מודה על האמת is an abandoned value

  2. Is it possible that he wasn’t allowed on the train with a rifle since he didn’t have his military ID card? If that’s the case, it would be reasonable then to enforce a sensible policy.


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