Clock’s Running Out for Action on NJ Toeivah Marriage

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trentonTime may be running out, but a bill that would legalize toeivah marriage in New Jersey isn’t technically dead. Advocates of toeivah marriage are pushing lawmakers to adopt the law before January 19, when Republican Chris Christie becomes governor. He says he’d veto it. The current governor, Democrat Jon Corzine, says he’d sign it if lawmakers can get it to his desk in time.Earlier this month, the state Senate canceled a vote on the issue when it became clear there was not enough support to pass it.

The issue was handed over to the state Assembly, which has not scheduled a hearing on it.

Albert Porroni, executive director of the Office of Legislative Services, says the Assembly could take up the measure without a committee hearing.

{Jersey Jives/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Oppose the evil sodomite agenda. The
    overwhelming majority of the electorate
    despise liberal immorality.

    Vote the liberal rascals out of office.

    Instead of taking action against traitors and enemies of America, the liberal
    scoundrels in government promote toeivah

    The agnostic and atheist liberals and
    socialists hate the people; they hate the
    Bible; they hate religious people.

    Don’t let them rob you of your rights.
    Get rid of those liberal Democrats.

    This is supposed to be a government
    by the people and for the people. The people
    oppose the depravity of the toeivah agenda.

    Send those rascals in the New Jersey
    legislature a clear message that they will
    lose their jobs if they don’t listen to the people.

    God bless America!


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