CLOCK’S TICKING! This Sunday, the 24-hour quest to finish Shas begins!



Shas in 24 hours and the zchus for a Shidduch?! That’s right – Chicago Chesed Fund’s 3rd annual Shas for Shidduchim campaign is fast approaching and time’s running out to be a part of it!

This Tu B’Shvat – beginning this Sunday evening, February 9, through Monday, February 10 – hundreds will gather in Chicago and complete Shas in Zchus of Klal Yisroel’s singles. 

It’s no secret that Tu B’Shvat is a day of tremendous value and significance, but did you know that Tu B’Shvat is also a predetermined time for zivugim? The Ben Ish Chai states the following: הוא יום של אהבה וזמן המסוגל למציאת זיווג .

Help bring everyone closer to their perfect match! Sponsor a daf for $100, and you can submit the names of 5 singles who are looking for their bashert. 

But hurry—the learning begins THIS SUNDAY EVENING, February 9th! Take advantage of this auspicious day and get your sponsorships in before Tu B’Shvat ends! 

Sponsor a daf at

All proceeds benefit Chicago Chesed Fund’s many services that help singles find their bashert. 


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