CLOSE CALL: Cream Cheese Shortage for Shavuos Averted


A major shortage of whipped cream cheese was averted this week when Norman’s launched Whipped Cream Cheese in time for the upcoming Yom Tov of Shavuos, Kosher Today reports.

News reports of a major shortage of the essential cream cheese turned out to be false thanks to the introduction of the creamy spreadable product by Norman’s. The Norman’s launch came when J&J, a major Cholov Yisroel producer announced that it faced a lack of manpower to keep up with the huge demand for the cream cheese. The company promised to increase supply in the near future.

According to kosher food executives, although the food supply was relatively stable throughout the Covid crisis, there were spot shortages similar to the cream cheese either as a result of plants which cut back on manufacturing or the lack of imported items, particularly from China where kosher certifiers are still not able to travel there. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic sales at major kosher retailers remain strong, although in-store shopping has somewhat been replaced by curbside pickups and home delivery.



  1. I hope the author of this article realizes that whipped cream cheese is not the needed ingredient for cheese cake. Its the solid bars that are used for cheese cake.

    • I hope the author of this comment realizes that there are many ways of making cheese cake, some with whipped cream cheese. Also, there are other ways of eating cream cheese besides for cheese cake. Some people even eat a whole milchig meal on Shavuos.
      (Those that eat only fleishig meals usually use parve cream cheese)

      • Yes the author of the first comment is well aware theat there are other uses for whipped cream cheese. But the reaction to hearng about a cream cheese shortage before shavuous is related to cheese cake not bagels swith a shmear.

  2. Wow. Kiddush Hashem! Me kiamcha yisroel?! Kol yisroel araivim zeh luzeh. Kol yisroel yesh luhem chelek liolam haba. We are mamesh living in moshiach tzeitin.

  3. Well done Norman for coming up with yet another genius technological solution to a worldwide problem! Natan, Yoni and I are so proud of what you and Yitzi are doing!

  4. Bh hoidu lashem ki toiv! He took us out mai’afeila l’oir goodul. Now we can prave shvuous like it’s supposed to be. Nothing like having a cheesecake and a corona on a hot afternoon ( or maybe while we are up at night learning).


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