CLOWN SHOW OR PERSONAL TOUCH? Watch: Netanyahu Releases His Supposed Personal Phone Number ‘For Every Israeli Citizen’

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Give Bibi a call.

That’s what the former Israeli prime minister says.

Bibi Netanyahu shared on Monday what he claimed is his “personal phone number” and encouraged the public to video call him.

In a clip shared on his social media accounts, Bibi encouraged users to join his Telegram channel. “I speak to so many people…,” he says. “You know what? I’ve made a dramatic, world-changing decision: Why should only some people have my phone number? Everyone should have it, and I’m going to give it to you.”



  1. Dear Bibi,

    I see you have a Shas in your office, right behind you. Let’s learn b’Chavrusa over the phone or zoom . Any Mesechta you want. Isn’t this a great idea? I’ll be calling you soon to make up a time.
    All the best,
    KL, a fellow Jew who loves to learn. PS, I know you will also, you just haven’t tasted it yet.

  2. He did not know his telephone number by heart? Obviously it is a new separate phone and number that he does not have to check. He probably has his staff choosing for him who to respond to, for PR and to increase followers.
    Bibi should have realized to memorise that number


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