Clueless: Obama Unaware of NSA Programs

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obama2President Obama was not clued in to the National Security Agency’s program spying on 35 world leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, officials say, and the White House halted her phone tap and some other monitoring programs after learning of them.

Apparently, there are so many eavesdropping operations it was considered impractical to brief him on all of them, including the ones tapping the phones of presidents across the globe.

“These decisions are made at NSA,” one official said. “The president doesn’t sign off on this stuff.” Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. the title says it all

    and we voted him in 2x

    and we got change= thats all that is left

    can we afford the affordable care act? does anybody care?

  2. However, Obama was more aware of the Trayvon Martin case and about the contrived controversy about the Washington Redskins nickname — two examples of matters that are close to his heart — than the NSA Program.

    Furthermore, it is not so easy to brief the President and make him be “mafsik” right in the middle of one of his many rounds of golf 🙂

  3. when will people understand the difference between a organizer and a leader??? An organizer assigns people to do things and they get the results later, a leader is always hands on and wants results when they come in so they can take action when necessary. This is why Lobama gets information later because he is an organizer not a leader, get it????


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