CNN Chief Calls Fox News ‘Propaganda Machine,’ And Hannity Responds


CNN President Jeff Zucker thinks that President Donald Trump’s “fake news” attacks and anti-media criticism have pushed journalists to press harder for the truth, making “American journalism great again.”

The exception? Fox News, he said.

Zucker attacked CNN’s rival Thursday during his keynote interview at the Financial Times Future of News conference, during which he told FT’s global media editor Matthew Garrahan that while Fox has always leaned conservative, the network has taken a dramatic turn in the past 18 months, particularly since founder and former chief executive Roger Ailes left the network in 2016.

Fox, Zucker said, has become a “propaganda machine” that is “doing an incredible disservice to the country.”

“What has happened to that network in the last 18 months, especially the last year, is that it has just turned itself into state-run TV,” Zucker said, according to the Associated Press. “TASS has nothing on them,” he said, referring to the Russian government-owned news agency.

A Fox News representative could not be immediately reached for comment. Fox News host Sean Hannity called Zucker’s comments “CNN Fake News.”

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  1. He’s right about Fox and some of their journalists are so overboard on the pro-Trump bandwagon it’s embarrassing.
    That said, CNN’s no better and in some ways is far worse, except in the opposite direction. Every single day their website has headlines and articles that are spun and slanted against Trump, and that’s just in their news articles. Their editorials and opinion pieces, also on their main page, are even more over-the-top. To repeat myself, that’s Every Single Day.
    Fox may be more obvious than CNN and lacks their high-falutin’ posturing, but they’re opposite sides of the same coin – slanted, biased journalism posing as news instead of just giving us the facts.


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