CNN, MSNBC Didn’t Air Trump Speech Due to ‘Lies’

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Both CNN and MSNBC shied away from airing former President and 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s post-arraignment speech to his supporters in Bedminster, NJ Tuesday night; both networks claimed it was due to his “lies.”


“We knew heading into this that he was planning to make these remarks,” she continued. “We are prepared for his pre-fundraiser remarks tonight to, again, be essentially a Trump campaign speech. Because of that, we do not intend to carry these remarks live. As we have said before in these circumstances, there is a cost to us as a news organization to knowingly broadcast untrue things. We are here to bring you the news. It hurts our ability to do that if we live broadcast what we fully expect in advance to be a litany of lies and false accusations, no matter who says them.”

Over on CNN, Jake Tapper said it would be “dangerous” to air Trump’s remarks.

“We’re not carrying his remarks live because, frankly, he says a lot of things that are not true and sometimes potentially dangerous,” Jake Tapper told CNN audiences.

Watch the clip below:

From Fox News:

Earlier in the day, Tapper rebuked CNN producers for showing the former president celebrating with his supporters. “The folks in the control room, I don’t need to see any more of that,” Tapper grumbled on-air. “He’s trying to turn this into a spectacle, a campaign ad. That’s enough of that.”

Tapper went on to warn audiences that CNN would air a clip of Trump defending himself that was full of “untrue and unfounded claims about the charges against him and the people he thinks are behind it.”

More over at Fox News:


  1. Rachel Maddow lied for years about Russian Collusion every night. Bottom line— They’re all afraid of Trump & MAGA.

  2. Since when did CNN and MSNBC not air something because it was a bunch of lies?

    Airing lies are their specialty…

  3. Saying that he is being targeted and persecuted is a lie?

    They have been targeting him with allegations for 7 years, some of them we know to be false.
    So suggesting that this is another biased investigation is a lie? In what world.

  4. Consider yourself a brainwashed and gullible sleeper if you have no clue of the horrendous atrocities committed by former US Presidents, Vice Presidents, world leaders and high-ranking elite against humanity, the worst crimes ever committed in human history! And it has nothing to do with bribery and taxes which are the media cover ups against these demons.

    If you don’t have the understanding to actually take out a Tehillim and pray for President Trump you’re naive and ignorant. Yes, I, a chareidi, have been davening for Trump’s success in eradicating these monsters from the world and giving money to tzedakah on his behalf DAILY since he came to office. Hashem is my witness.


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