CNN Political Analyst Sees Trump Within ‘Striking Distance’ Of Biden


CNN’s senior political analyst believes President Donald Trump is “within striking distance” of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In a commentary posted Thursday, analyst Harry Enten said Biden has had the “upper hand” in national and battleground state polls from May to July.

“Yet, while Biden has maintained advantage, Trump has one thing going for him: His position is no longer deteriorating,” he wrote.

“A look at the polls shows that even as coronavirus cases and deaths rise, Trump remains within striking distancing of Biden.”

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  1. Trump needs to suppress voters he does that via facebook and his Russian, Romanian helpers. He will always have 38% that is the shrinking Republican Base. That is why Trump is so against mail in ballots, they can’t be hacked, and it is why Republican Operatives assisted Kanye West, bipolar individual who appears to be currently having a manic episode, on the ballot in battleground states. A true Mentsch, someone you all can trust.


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