CNN: Some Of Rubio’s Aides Are Suggesting He Drop Out Before Florida

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CNN reported today that some “very senior advisers” were telling Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to end his Republican presidential bid ahead of the Florida primary next week, Talking Points Memo reports.

“There is a division in his campaign, we are being told, and some very senior advisers are suggesting to him that he’s not going to do well in Florida and that he should get out sooner so that he does not hurt his chances — his political future down the road, whether that’s running for governor, whether that’s being a vice presidential candidate,” CNN correspondent Jamie Gangel reported.

Gangel said that the advisers were also telling Rubio that he could participate in the “stop Trump movement” by allying with rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).




  1. This is a completely false report which his campaign manager refuted to CNN in the strongest terms. Anyone wanting to know the real status of his campaign should go to his website and see the vast number of endorsements he has received, the most recent from a contingent of homeland security, intelligence and foreign policy experts.

  2. Marco does not deserve our support due to his role in the gang of 8 and their corruption of immigration and financial policies. He also has been largely absent from the Senate and we can’t use an absentee leader

  3. Anonymous, the endorsements don’t make one bit of difference because he isn’t getting the votes. He is lagging way behind Cruz, not to mention Trump. If he wants to save his political future, he should strike a deal with Cruz for the VP slot and start encouraging all his supporters to move over to Cruz. A Cruz-Rubio ticket would completely unite the GOP and, at this point, looks like it would be the best way to stop Trump.


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