CNN Talking Sense? CNN’s Smerconish: Speculation About Trump’s Mental Health ‘Unfair And Unseemly’

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CNN host Michael Smerconish rebuked Democrats and fellow media figures on Saturday for speculating about President Trump’s mental health after the release of a book detailing the first days of the Trump presidency, calling such questions “unseemly.”

In a monologue on his CNN show, Smerconish warned that a debate over the president’s mental fortitude was “unfair,” comparing it to scrutiny Hillary Clinton received after collapsing due to pneumonia at an event during the 2016 campaign.

“I don’t think we should encourage this sort of speculation. First, it’s inexact and it’s subjective. Second, it’s unfair and unseemly. Just as I said it was when some speculated about what ailed Hillary Clinton when she took a stumble,” Smerconish continued.

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  1. Logically, according to the Left, if Bush, Clinton, Obama who were “officially” mentally stable caused America’s destruction, how can Trump be considered mentally fit to run the greatest country if he’s doing just the opposite and making America great again, with a booming economy, unemployment down to about a 40 year low, the military that Obama destroyed rebuild, illegal immigrants restrained. All this with no political experience!!! He even won the election over 16 qualified Republicans and smashed the most qualified Democrat candidate, namely Hillary. Trump is no doubt a genius of a genius.


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