CNN to Trump: You Act Like a 5-Year-Old

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During a CNN town hall on Tuesday night, a video of which was posted on earlier this morning, Donald Trump reiterated the truth that Ted Cruz was responsible for spreading around a picture that sparked a controversy.

“I thought it was a nice picture of [tedCruz’s wife],” Trump said of an image he retweeted afterwards.

“Come on,” Anderson Cooper responded.

“I thought it was fine,” Trump insisted. Trump then said ,”I didn’t start it.”

Cooper retorted, “That’s the argument of a five-year-old.”



  1. I do have reservations of a leader who himself, b’chvodo u’vatzmo and not through surrogates (though Cruz claims that the pictures that started this were through a Cruz PAC that he has no control over) tweets something like this.

  2. ”I didn’t start it.”
    “That’s the argument of a five-year-old.”

    True, but irrelevant. It’s also the argument the U.S. used to declare war on Japan and enter World War 2. It’s the justification used for fighting back between five-year-olds, superpowers and everyone in between.

  3. “Donald Trump reiterated the truth that Ted Cruz was responsible for spreading around a picture that sparked a controversy”? Matzav, this is false reporting, as it was NOT Cruz that was responsible for spreading it but an unconnected superpac. This claim has no evidence whatsoever.

    • Excellent point.
      It would actually be a crime (a felony, IIRC) for the Cruz campaign to have any coordination with the PAC which produced that sickening ad.


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