CNN: Trump, Kelly Furious After Leak That Trump Was Not To Congratulate Putin


President Trump and his chief of staff John Kelly are furious that details of the president’s national security briefing materials telling him not to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin were leaked to the press, according to a CNN report Wednesday.

Trump was reportedly “fuming” on Tuesday night after The Washington Post reported that Trump’s national security advisers specifically instructed him not to congratulate Putin on his electoral victory.

The network, citing an unnamed source, reported that the president was asking allies and outside advisers who they thought was responsible for the leak.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Who’s the NSA anyhow to tell the President what to do? Did the NSA stop Obama from congratulating Putin on his 2012 election win?

    The NSA leaked it to the media who then reported that President Trump did not congratulate Putin. Boy were they mad when the President didn’t give a hoot about their “command”.


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